About US

About US

Our Purpose, Our Passion

Goodness is within US all (so is its flip side). 
There are times when we reach a fork in the road.
News Flash -- that time is Today! 
We're required to decide which path to take. 
The options are clear as daylight and as dark as nightfall. 
We'll either choose to 1) make things better,  2) make things worse, or 3) do nothing which = make matters worse.
Our future depends upon our choices today.
After the Oklahoma City bombing, we founded UnDivide US ® as a Clap-Back!
We placed these words on items that passionately convey:
"No!  We Will Not Become Our Nightmare. We Choose Civility toward Others".
It doesn't matter what your life experience is.

It Matters that We Respect You. And that You Respect Others, too.

That's why we continue to use and develop products that say UnDivide US®!
Let UnDivide US® do your messaging to others:
"I support a less divided America and world!  I support Civil and Human Rights!"

And that's why We All Continue to Show & Share UnDivide US ®.